WP Engine Review – Things You Should Know About this WordPress hostWP Engine Review – Things You Should Know About this WordPress host

WP Engine Review – Things You Should Know About this WordPress host

WP Engine stands out as one of the only high performance hosting providers out there that specializes in WordPress sites. Because of the host’s specialization into WordPress, it stands out as one of the best options out there for running a well maintained WordPress based website. Consider WP Engine for hassle free maintenance and support for any level of WordPress content.


WP Engine focuses on providing full featured WordPress site hosting with as little as possible in the way of you and your WordPress site. Some benefits of the WP Engine back-end include:

• Back-end WordPress updates – WP Engine keeps WordPress running and up to date for you so you don’t have to.

• Scalable site options – WP Engine offers a variety of options that will handle everything from personal blogs to large scale sites that stream media to millions of visitors per month.

• Active managed hosting – WP Engine handles the process of dealing with WP problems and hacks immediately to make sure your site keeps running with no hassles for you.


WP Engine does quite a bit to avoid site downtime. WordPress is always ahead of the curve on updates to handle bugs through WP Engine, and everything is monitored off site to make sure every site on the network is running well. Clustered servers are available for sites that need it, virtual machines are used to handle hardware failure without downtime, and backups are done automatically on a daily basis.

Customer Service

Customer service is one area where WP Engine really shines. Since the services caters only to WordPress clients, they are able to offer a detailed level of customer support from WordPress experts capable of handling any problem that may come up. Support is available 24 hours a day seven days a week by phone or through the site’s customer support interface. WP Engine runs automated scans for popular WordPress hacks and does everything possible to fix hacked sites for free.

Transfer And Migration

WP Engine’s WordPress focus allows for a great set of transfer tools and instructions for existing WordPress sites. The company also offers full transfer services to sites that need it for an extra fee.


WP Engine offers some unique features that companies without such a specific focus can’t provide:

• Well tuned site caching – Since WP Engine only serves WordPress sites, it manages to provide a complete caching solution that allows for extremely fast load times with no configuration at all for customers.

• WordPress staging area – With WP Engine your account will have an option for trying out site changes easily without making them live to protect you from site crashes or problems.

• Plug-in support – WP Engine uses the company’s huge amount of WordPress experience to suggest the right plug-ins for many common WordPress needs.

• Customized tools – WP Engine uses customized tools to offer help customizing WordPress sites and performing simplified one click backups.

If you are looking for a solid host that provides full support and scalable service for a WordPress blog or site, you won’t go wrong with WP Engine. The host’s highly specialized focus and amazing features make it a great option for WordPress sites of all levels.

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